Tortum Recreation Area is located in Uzundere region of Erzurum province in Turkey.

It will be carried out on an area of 600 decares, which will cover the vicinity of Tortum Lake and Tortum Waterfall, and includes seven regions including Denizbaşı, Peninsula, Ogeçe, Hidden, Water pouring, Kilenen and Teyin gardens.

Recreation areas determined in line with the needs program have been designed using materials compatible with the cultural structure of the region and nature, and spaces with open and closed areas have been created where the peaceful visual riches can be utilized in the best way by keeping the user welfare at the highest level. Structural landscape project, which includes rich functions such as water games (waterfalls and water curtains), active and passive recreation areas, adventure tracks, observation towers, children's playgrounds, bicycle and walking tracks, water activity areas, accommodation areas, cultural structures, etc. 

  • Date :

  • Employer :

    Tortum Belediyesi & By Teknik Dizayn
  • Scope :

    Steel Structure Project Design
  • Location :

    Erzurum - TÜRKİYE